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      Test objective: Test the effect of humic acid on the growth of  Strawberry in greenhouse

      Test product: Kangyuan humic fertilizer of fruit and vegetable

      Test time: September 2015 - April 2016

      Test location: Zhangjiagang City Tongshi Town Golden wheat ecological farm

      Test crop: Strawberries

      Application period: whole crop management

      Test method:

      USED:Kangyuan humic fertilizer of fruit and vegetable

      UNUSED:Conventional fertilization treatment

      Test results:

      Figure 1: Strawberry vegetative growth period

      UNUSED:Crop growing weaker, root growth slow, dead seedling root rot more slender stems and weakness, yellow leaves thin, bud born rate is low

      USED:Crops growing strong, developed root system, powerful, high survival rate, stem stout and strong, with large leaves and hypertrophy, color saturation, sprout more powerful.

      Figure 2: the early stage of the reproductive growth of Strawberry

      UNUSED:Crop growth is short, the flower is less, the flower bud is small, and the flowering time is relatively late.

      USED:Crops growing strong, more flowering, flower bud, flowering in advance of a week or so.

      Figure 3: Strawberry flower bud differentiation stage

      UNUSED:Less flower bud, less flower bud and late maturity of fruit

      USED:More flower buds, full flower bud, early fruit maturity.

      Test results:

      1: Compared with conventional fertilization, the nutrient and reproductive growth of strawberry was significantly superior to the conventional fertilization treatment.

      2: The stem and leaf of strawberry plants were plump and vigorous, and the survival rate was higher after the application of humic acid fertilizer.

      3: After application of humic acid fertilizer, the plant flower bud differentiation was more significant, the amount of the three flower bud differentiation was significantly increased, and the flower bud was full, and the fruit ripening period was about a week earlier than that of the conventional fertilization treatment.

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