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      Test objective: Test the effect of humic acid on the growth of carrots in greenhouse.

      Test product: Kangyuan humic fertilizer Cranberry vegetable meal

      Test time: July - December 2015

      Test location: Zhangjiagang City Tongshi Town Golden wheat ecological farm

      Test crop: Carrots

      Application period: whole crop management

      Test method:

      USED:Kangyuan humic fertilizer of fruit and vegetable

      UNUSED:Conventional fertilization treatment

      Test results:

      Figure 1: Early stage of vegetative growth of carrots

      UNUSED:The crop root is less and soft, green leaves small and light , plant growing dim

      USED:Crop root strong, leave fleshy green color, plant .vigorous.

      Figure 2: Late stage of vegetative growth of carrots

      UNUSED:Crop ability of drought resistance is weak, leaf blade is easy to curl up and turn over leaf blade, blade slender and weak

      USED:Crop ability of drought resistance is stronger, blade is full and strong, leaf color is green.

      Figure 3: Carrots fruit harvest period

      UNUSED:The single crop is overall small, stem developed, root growth is weak

      USED:The larger crop full of fruit, leaves and stems developed, vigorous root growth

      Test results:

      1: After the application of Kangyuan humic acid fertilizer on the growth of carrots,the seedlings has a significant stimulus, foliage plump, dark green leaves, buds and leaves full.

      2: After applying the fertilizer, the effect of fertilizer on the growth of carrots was significant, and the drought resistance of crops was significantly enhanced compared with that of the non use of humic acid.

      3: Application packages of humic acid fertilizer significantly stimulated the carrots tuber growth, flower head stem, leaves and stems developed, root growth developed tubers full.

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