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      Test objective: Test the effect of Kangyuan humic acid on growth of cowpea in Greenhouse

      Test product: Kangyuan humic fertilizer of fruit and vegetable

      Test time: Spring 2016

      Test location: Zhangjiagang City Tongshi Town Golden wheat ecological farm

      Test crop: Beans

      Application period: whole crop management

      Test method:

      USED:Kangyuan humic fertilizer of fruit and vegetable

      UNUSED:Conventional fertilization treatment

      Test results:

      Figure 1: beans during vegetative growth period

      UNUSED:The crop growth weak, thin and weak stems and leaves small and thin, dark color;

      USED:Crops grow strong, strong stems, large leaves and fat, pigment saturation.

      Figure 2: the period of growth and reproduction of beans

      UNUSED:Yellow leaves, beans crops thin and long, Honoka less, low yield;

      USED:Crop growing and beans thick long, Honoka differentiation and high yield.

      Figure 3: the growth of the soil environment of beans

      UNUSED:The soil salt is higher, more green bacteria on the soil surface, soil compaction of albino  more serious;

      USED:The soil salinity is less, the soil surface is relatively clean and health,and with good granular structure.

      Test results:

      1: After application Kangyuan humic acid fertilizer ,the vegetative and reproductive growth of beans showed significant advantages compared to conventional fertilization treatment.

      2: The application of humic acid fertilizer after Kangyuan package,the bean stem stout plump, flower bud differentiation more and with higher yield.

      3: After application with packages of humic acid fertilizer ,the physical and chemical properties of soil improved. Moss on the surface of the soil decreased, the soil color is dark red, increasing the content of organic matter, crumb structure increased and the salinization degree decreased significantly.

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