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    1. Jiangsu,China 0086-0512-56328203 sales@kangyuanchina.com
      About Us

      We Zhangjiagang Kangyuan New Material Company is the leading and specialized Biostimulant manufactory since 1997.

      Aiming at providing the whole solutions for your crops growth and be your realiable partners on high tech agriculture. We have researched and produced the high solubility series fertilizers as below:

      Potassium Humate, Potassium Fulvate Series

      Fertimax(Humic+Fulvic+Amino+Seaweed) Series

      Liquid humic acid 18 Series

      Fulvic acid Series

      Sodium Humate Series

      Humic Acid Series

      Customizing NPK+ Biostimulants Series

      Our own brand “True Humic” already enjoyed good reputations in over 16 countries and passed Germany Ceres Organic certifications(Following the America NOP regulations). We have ISO systems for our full quality control process, from raw materials to final products, we all have testing records in our trace back systems.

      Today`s Kangyuan is targeting as a comprehensive solutions provider for your crop needs. We can customize for your variety demands on different crops and lands. We are aiming at better product better services for customers from worldwide.

      Our Mine

      Our Plant

      Part of Facilities

      Part of Facilities

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